EPE Foam Sheet Bonding / Thickeng Machine

EPE Foam Sheet Bonding / Thickeng Machine
Product Description

EPE Foam Sheet Bonding / Thickeng Machine is utilized for EPE foam sheet banding and thickening processes by ensuring the composite speed up to 25m / min. This is designed to enhance the thickness of the composites to make them ideal for different applications from electronic products, glass-ceramic packaging to luggage. It comes with a powerful host, fan and modern winding machine to design the composites of width of 1500mm and thickness of 100mm.

Technical Specifications:

Model Max. thickness Max. Width Dimension
FLY - 1400 100mm 1400mm 6000 x 2500 x1800mm
FLY - 1600 100mm 1600mm 6000 x 2800 x1800mm
FLY- 2000 100mm 2000mm 6000 x 3100 x1800mm
FLY- 2200 100mm 2200mm 6000 x 3300 x 1800mm


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